The Next Generation in Centralization.

Vulcan Completion Products (VCP) centralizers have been designed to assist RIH by reducing drag/running forces and minimising ECD’s.


All VCP centralizers provide positive stand-off and the best possible conditions for zonal isolation.


With over 100 years’ experience in the design, API testing and international manufacturing of centralizer products, we offer a comprehensive portfolio, providing solutions for all applications.

VCP continue to push the boundaries of solid body centralization with the new PHAZER™ : FUSION (PAT PENDING), specifically developed for ERD wellbores and beyond.

The PHAZER™ : FUSION is manufactured from an ultra-low friction material with extremely durable wear properties, in comparison to the common composite centralizers currently available is today’s market.


The PHAZER™ (PAT PENDING) and PHAZER™ : SUB (PAT PENDING) centralizers have been engineered to fulfil the required specifications for Under-reamed applications.

Testing has been performed to surpass API 10D and meet the demands of under-reamed wellbores.


Full test reports are available upon request. Testing has been witnessed by a major British International Operating Company.


For intermediate wellbore applications, VCP offers a range of conventional welded & non-welded bow spring and solid body centralizers, also providing cost effective solutions.