CENTRADESIGN - Centralizer Placement

Centralization is one of the key elements to ensure the quality of a cement job. Centralization helps to prevent mud channelling and poor zonal isolation.


The main challenge for both operators and service companies alike is which type of centralizer to use for the application, placement and the correct quantity of centralizers at the optimum position on the tubular, to achieve the required stand-off for the particular well bore.


CentraDesign optimizes centralizer placement, pipe standoff and torque and drag for ERD and deviated wellbores.


It determines the number and placement of centralizers using one of the four modes for all types of centralizer products.  


  • specify spacing.

  • specify location.

  • specify standoff.

  • optimum.



VCP has a team of experienced Engineers that can provide the best possible technical solutions for casing running and good cement placement.


Please find the simple questionnaire in the below link. This along with the wellbore data plots is enough information for us to run the calculations and provide the best possible centralizer solutions for your well application.

  • Standoff profile prediction.

  • Centralizers placement recommendation.

  • Sensitivity analysis on spacing.

  • Tripping animation.

  • Casing floatation.

  • Torque and drag calculation.

  • Running force change with hole ID.

  • Centralizer washout sensitivity analysis.


Please contact Sales@Vulcan-CP.com for detailed specifications.