Our engineering and design team utilize the latest 3D modelling and CAD (computer-aided design) software which assist us in conceptually verifying new product designs prior to manufacture.

Vulcan CP has the capability and equipment to test our products to the following standards and Operator requirements:  

  • API 10F – Cementing Float Equipment testing requirement.

  • Bespoke testing of under-reamed centralizer products – as per operators requirements.  

  • API 10D – Bow Spring Stop Collar testing requirement.

  • API 10 D II – Stop Collar testing requirement

  • Axial and lateral load testing on centralizer products.

  • API TR 10 TR6 – Evaluation and Testing of Mechanical Cement Wiper Plugs.

  • Cement batch sampling/testing.

  • Control line cable protector testing.


CENTRADESIGN - Centralizer Placement

Vulcan-CP offers a free service to calculate centralizer placement and basic torque and drag using CentraDesign software.