A full range of guide shoes and premium float equipment, that surpasses API 10F IIIC and manufactured in accordance to API 5CT. Suitable for applications such as full casing strings and close tolerance liners.

  • Durable Eccentric & Concentric Profiled Nose available in standard Aluminium, Cement or Phenolic.

  • Up Jet / Down Jet side ports available.

  • Back Pressure 5,000psi & 10,000psi.

  • Temperature Rating 400° F.

  • Single, Double & Auto-Fill Valve options available.

  • Ball Catcher/Deflector options available.

  • Fully drillable by PDC & Roller Cone drill bits.

  • Conventional and Non-Rotating Cement Plugs available.

  • All premium and API connections available.