The Next Generation in Reaming Technology.

A sophisticated range of Reamer Shoes designed to assist casing/liner/screen running when difficult hole conditions are anticipated.

  • High strength Eccentric Well bore seeking nose. 

  • Profiled nose design reduces drill-out times whilst maintaining unit strength and integrity.

  • Flow Ports offer 360° flow area coverage aiding hole cleaning and cement placement.

  • Right hand blade design offers a more aggressive reaming action.

  • Optimised cutting structure offers the capability to ream past obstructions with rotation or by reciprocation.

  • Tungsten Carbide cutting structure.

  • High Flow 5Kpsi & 10Kpsi Valve exceeding API 10F IIIC certification.

  • Single, Double & Auto-Fill Valve options available.

  • Various cutting structure options available.

  • Nose available in Aluminium or Phenolic, Concentric or Spade.

  • Fully drillable with PDC & Rollercone bits.


The Next Generation of Reaming & Casing While Drilling shoes coming up at warp speed……