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PHAZER™: SR... The Next Generation in Centralization...


Andy Kirk

14 Mar 2022

The VCP Team have been designing & developing industry leading centralizers, for all applications, over the past 30 years, meeting the ever-changing demands of our clients.

The VULCAN PHAZER™: SR unit has been designed with a minimum of 2-1/2 times API recommended restoring force, which in doing so, gives more than adequate centralization for cementation & good CBL, while leaving the flexibility within the Centralizer, so as designed, will flex & by-pass restrictions, high dog leg severity & obstructions.

Certain centralizers of this style (gauge hole OD) in the market today have over 5-times recommended API restoring Force making the flexibility of the unit near that of a Solid Body Centralizer, which adds a very high potential for stuck pipe as we hear constantly reported.

VULCAN’S, semi-rigid PHAZER™: SR is a ONE-PIECE HEAVY-DUTY centralizer that has been specifically designed for gauge hole centralization, offering 100% stand-off.

· HEAVY-DUTY ONE-PIECE Construction providing flexibility and strength.

· Suitable for rotation, withstanding high radial & axial loads.

· Zero Starting & Running forces.

· Maximised Stand-off & Flow-by.

· High Restoring force exceeding API requirements. Superior Stand-off guarantees improved zonal isolation.

· Suitable for onshore installation reducing health and safety risk and reducing rig time.

· Split & hinged option available upon request.

· Sizes tested and available – 4 ½” – 30”.

Contact: for test reports.

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