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PHAZER™: ZRD – from the original designers of the Zinc Centralizer comes the NEXT GENERATION PHAZER™: ZR Range.


Andy Kirk

21 Mar 2022

The ultimate friction reducing centralizer for Cased & Open Hole in ERD & EXTREME applications.

Solid Body centralizer utilising the historically successful zinc alloy solid body centralizer and newest Carbon-Kelvar™ composite material technologies, for the ultimate drag reduction in both cased hole and open hole whilst maintaining OD, ZERO Wear.

Now successfully run the Norwegian North Sea by a Major IOC.

· 9 5/8” 53.5 Liner Hanger 1,285m - RIH 12.25” OH

· Drilling Engineers Comments - The job went very well. No stress with running liner.

· CBL Analysis - Excellent Radial Coverage achieved across the full Liner length.

· Thanks to our Partners #Toolserv AS.

UK Manufactured with UK and Norwegian Stocks in place for 6 common sizes.

Vulcan’s Technically advanced Portfolio and very successful case histories, continues to build…

Boldly going where others can’t!


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