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Vulcan's PHAZER™: FLEX Under-reamed centralizer has been designed to glide through previous cased hole restrictions and open up to provide a high level of Stand-off in the open hole.

    The PHAZER™: FLEX centralizer has a proven track record as an economical solution for expensive Centralizer SUB’s, saving operators $$$$ on each well-track, whilst reducing materials and our overall carbon footprint...

    ◩ Engineered for under-reamed application.

    ◩ Innovative variable blade design. Each blade working independently during insertion and RIH.

    ◩ Superior Stand-off guarantees improved zonal isolation.

    ◩ Significantly reduced running forces reduces accumulative drag forces during RIH.

    ◩ API testing and beyond, operators testing requirements will be met.

    ◩ One piece robust construction, suitable for rotation, withstanding high radial & axial loads.

    ◩ Flexibility – proprietary manufacturing process’ and high strength spring steel material offers a centralizer that performs equally in close tolerance cased hole and open hole applications.

    ◩ Sizes tested and available – 5-1/2” - 24”.
    Please contact for test reports.
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